World Voice Day er den internasjonale dagen for stemmen- Den underliggende ideen med World Voice Day er å formidle til almenheten at stemme er viktig – Voice Matters. På WVD er målet at så mange stemmerelaterte arrangementer som mulig finner sted i løpet av dagen og spredt over hele jorda.

Så hva er målsetningen med World Voice Day? Dette er hva organisatorene forteller på sine hjemmesider:

The mission of the group is to share the excitement of voice science, pedagogy and the vocal arts as an application of all the above mentioned areas with the public and with funding bodies by organizing a global celebration of the World Voice Day, joining forces with existing groups that have the same goal.

More specifically, the group will

 1. identify and ask one person, a “pivot”, in as many countries as possible, who assumes the responsibility to initiate and coordinate various events in that country, on the World Voice Day

2. organise a global choral concert, internationally broadcasted in real time, going from country to country, starting in the far East and ending in the far West.

3. arrange a global series of talks, internationally broadcasted in real time, as well as video recorded for internet distribution, about the many different facets of the voice.

4. create a web site where all the events are listed and that also contains information about the voice and voice science, and interactive voice analysis programs.


Du kan delta på World Voice Day gjennom å melde deg på her.

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